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Automated Hail Impact Reports

Historical Hail Impact Reports are automated reports that provide you with hail sizes and the dates when they occurred at any specific address or location.

Leveraging the latest technology, Doppler radar images, dual polarization data, and other information, you can generate an Automated Hail Impact Report in seconds for any address, loss location, or latitude/longitude.  A historical hail report will quickly generate listing chronologically the date when hail over 0.50″ was detected at the property, the estimated hail size and a color contour map of hail sizes.

Purchasing this report does not mean that we’re retained or that we can be listed as experts. Automated reports can sometimes have difficulty capturing the actual hail sizes that reached the ground since no manual meteorological analysis is involved. The Automated Hail Impact report is based on NOAA radar data and processes that are accepted and used in the field of meteorology. It is possible that we could be retained by another party or the opposition where our manual analysis and findings could differ from the values in the automated report.


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    Selection of dates is optional. Leaving dates empty will automatically search the full range of available hail data from July 9, 2016 through July 22, 2024

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**The amount listed includes a 2.7% credit card processing fee.

*Please note: The contents of this report will vary greatly based on the location you requested because the weather conditions can change significantly over short distances. Once the data is ordered and successfully produced, no refunds will be issued. If you request a search for a period of time when no data was archived or when a hurricane did not occur, you will receive an error message.