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Automated Hurricane Reports

-> Automated hurricane reports can only be used for that specific address and cannot be utilized in other cases or claims.

-> Changes in the elevation of each property can and often do lead to different storm tide heights (storm surge + tide).

-> We cannot be listed as experts when ordering these reports unless a retainer agreement is submitted.  


NOTE: It is possible that we could be retained by a party or the opposition where our manual analysis and findings could differ from the values in the automated report that you receive. Please contact us if you would like to retain us to prepare a detailed forensic report based on our manual analysis, methodology and other data that we can testify to in depositions or trials.

Our patented Automated Hurricane Reports are unlike any other product and provide you detailed weather information at a specific address when a Tropical Storm or Hurricane may have been occurring.  These automated reports rely on high-resolution U.S. government computer modeling and provide you with hour-by-hour tables of maximum sustained winds, the direction the winds came from, maximum wind gusts, storm tide heights, rainfall amounts, and barometric pressure.  This information is provided in an hour-by-hour table to help determine the timelines of when high winds may have occurred or when storm tide water levels affected the property.

If a case or claim leads to litigation or mediation, we can be retained to prepare a more detailed forensic report that can be used in depositions or trials.  Purchasing this report does not mean that we’re retained or that we can be listed as experts. Automated reports can sometimes have difficulty capturing the actual wind speeds or storm tide heights that occurred since no manual meteorological analysis is involved. The Automated Tropical Cyclone report is based on computer model data and industry-accepted practices and principles utilized by the U.S. government, NOAA, the National Weather Service, and universities.


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**The amount listed includes a 2.7% credit card processing fee.

*Please note: The contents of this report will vary greatly based on the location you requested because the weather conditions can change significantly over short distances. Once the data is ordered and successfully produced, no refunds will be issued. If you request a search for a period of time when no data was archived or when a hurricane did not occur, you will receive an error message.