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Automated Hurricane Reports

After nearly a decade of work, we are pleased to announce that we have been granted patents on our Automated Hurricane Reports.  These reports are like no other and will change the way that your Hurricane and Tropical Storm-related claims and disputes are resolved. Whether you need to verify what the highest wind gusts were at a home well inland from the coast, or if you need to determine whether storm surge flooding occurred before the damaging winds arrived at an oceanfront condo, these reports will help you find out.  Our reports are also instrumental in determining which direction the winds were coming from each hour and the hourly barometric pressure.  See why so many engineers, insurance carriers and adjusters are ordering these reports.

Using high-resolution models and thousands of types of weather data each hour, our reports provide you with the specific information for any incident or loss location.  These reports detail the hourly sustained wind speeds, hourly wind gusts, hourly storm surge heights, direction the winds were coming from, barometric pressure, and more.  This data is not from the closest airport, it is for the specific address or latitude/longitude you request.

Note: These automated hurricane reports should only be used for the specific address that you requested and cannot be utilized in other cases or claims. If a case or claim leads to litigation or mediation, then we can prepare a much more detailed forensic report that can be used in depositions or trials.

Note: Ordering these automated reports does not constitute us being retained on any case or claim.  This is outlined in our terms and conditions. To retain us to conduct a more in-depth site-specific analysis, investigation, or Federal Rule 26 report for an insurance claim or lawsuit, please refer to the menu item “Hurricane Cases: Wind or Wind vs. Water Claims” under the “Sample Reports” menu where you will have the option to submit a retainer agreement.  


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*Please note: The contents of this report will vary greatly based on the location you requested because the weather conditions can change significantly over short distances. Once the data is ordered and successfully produced, no refunds will be issued. If you request a search for a period of time when no data was archived or when a hurricane did not occur, you will receive an error message.